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Suspended Experience: Dinner in the Sky at Marrakech's Al Maaden Golf Resorts

In 2010, the Alliances Group, a prominent real estate developer in Morocco, unveiled the Al Maaden Golf Resort, marking it as their most prestigious project. This endeavor, driven by a deep passion for art, golf, and real estate, introduces a striking 18-hole golf course set amidst picturesque, undulating terrain against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. The Al Maaden Golf Resort stands out with its creative elements, including distinctive rectangular water features reminiscent of Marrakech's renowned Menara gardens and tailor-made monumental sculptures enhancing the course's aesthetic appeal. The resort invites individuals to personally experience its captivating charm.

The golf course at Al Maaden is genuinely unique, redefining the golfing experience with its rectangular water features, paying homage to the iconic Menara gardens and infusing a modern and artistic essence. Adding to its distinctiveness are 12 impressive art installations, each a masterpiece created by renowned artists specifically for Al Maaden's golf course. The resort encourages enthusiasts to explore and discover the fascinating allure of Al Maaden firsthand, showcasing a harmonious blend of art, golf, and natural beauty in the heart of Morocco.


Extend Your Evening with Garden Bliss and Crafted Cocktails!

Extend the magic beyond the skies as your Dinner in the Sky experience concludes. If you wish, linger in the enchanting embrace of the Al Maaden Golf Resort, where the ambiance continues to captivate. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings, and perhaps, savor the moment with handcrafted cocktails that complement the evening's allure. Your journey doesn't have to end with dinner; it can seamlessly transition into a leisurely and delightful sojourn in the heart of Marrakech's luxury.

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